The Warehouse shows Belonging and Inclusiveness

By August 9, 2017News

OUTLine congratulates The Warehouse on the first phase of developing Belonging and Inclusiveness initiatives.

The Warehouse Group has today introduced a formal Gender Transition Policy designed to support team members who are transitioning gender.

The policy, which offers an additional 10 days paid leave and support for those undergoing gender transition, will apply across all the Group’s brands including The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery, Noel Leeming, and Torpedo 7.

Anna Campbell, Chief People Officer at The Warehouse Group said that with 12,000 team members, it was a business priority encouraging inclusiveness and diversity where people felt accepted to be who they are. The Warehouse is working closely with Rainbow Tick.

Gender Transition Policy provides:

  • Additional paid leave (up to ten days) for medical or counselling appointments associated with gender transition;
  • Use of leave for those undergoing a gender transition;
  • A business commitment to work with transgender individuals to create a plan to support their transition, including preferences for names, pronouns, and use of bathrooms and changing rooms, at a time when they are ready.
  • Training for managers on how to appropriately provide support and encouragement.

“The policy reflects that we are an inclusive and welcoming organisation committed to supporting all of our people and customers, regardless of who they are,” Anna says.

OUTLine agrees. Go the Red Sheds!

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