Pride Parade 2017

By March 1, 2017News

On Saturday 25 February 2017 OUTLine again told those watching the Auckland Pride Parade: here’s our number – call us!


OUTLine on parade – image courtesy of Susan Blick Photography:

OUTLine’s best work is done quietly and behind closed doors… but once a year we get really loud. At the 2017 Pride Parade down Ponsonby Road, OUTLine’s volunteer creative director Steve punched home last year’s “Here’s my number – call me” message with a totally new concept of eye-catching people and props… and (to quote our creative director himself) “who would have thought”? inspired to name OUTLine the winner of the Best Lighting Award!

Led down the route from a convertible loaned to OUTLine for the evening, 3 outrageously tall (and outrageously gorgeous) drag queens glitzed and sashayed 1.4km of Ponsonby Road, heading up 7 walking bubbles, 3 humanoid phones and a team of OUTLine walkers waving inflatable toy phones and pointing to 0800 OUTLINE on their t-shirts.

A special part of the 2017 Parade, as part of OUTLine’s entry, was the first ever intersex presence, where a proud member of Intersex Awareness New Zealand carried the Intersex flag.

For a sample of the music click on the play symbol and brace yourself to jiggle a bit:

Supporting OUTLine were some of our T35+ friends and the team from Malcolm Pacific Immigration who not only provide a regular substantial donation to OUTLine, but this year glammed up and joined us on our float.

At the pack-down area, tired and ‘moist’ brave bubble-people squeezed out of their bubbles and experienced the joy of life a few kilos lighter… and a few metres more manoeuvrable.

So, for 2018, what’s next? While the rest of us were still soaking tired feet, the lovely Steve had swapped the metre-high headdress for his thinking cap.

Watch this space!


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