LGBTI… sustainability needs to be universal

By November 2, 2017News

As the environment around us changes, and the sophistication… even voyeurism… of communication gives many people an intimate sense of ‘neighbours’ in cyberspace who are vastly removed in geography.

Organisations deploying energy to make a change in this changing world need to be self-reflective and plan effectively to be sustainable.

OUTLine is not (yet) designing an under-water call centre, but as an organisation was are focused on focus, and keenly interested in being sustainable. And if we have a single long-term goal, it is the diversity is seen as such a strength in those geographical neighbourhoods, that LGBTIQ people are evidence of sustainable vitality.

The United Nations has put together a planning tool that you may find thought provoking… and disturbing. Importantly it is a free online tool that provides what every individual and organisation and community and country needs for issues that can only become increasingly relevant. The site has many options to MAKE A START. If you think through a completely integrated, just and sustainable plan forward, the UN may need you… but making a start is often the toughest step. And inaction would be a metaphorical tar-pit, for the modern dinosaur…

Squelch out of the sticky ooze and take that step: after a few, there’s the start of sustainability: 

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