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By March 2, 2017News

Heather’s hard work for OUTLine is a huge success

Ponsonby personality and UP property manager, Heather Fisher came up with a great idea to support OUTLine during the 2017 Pride Parade.

Even the presentation box is rainbow-affirming

Even the presentation box is rainbow-affirming

Before the Pride Festival, Heather approached OUTLine to offer to raise money for OUTLine during the Pride Parade… Heather would host a reception of friends and associates at her home, which is a great location to enjoy the parade. Combining the parade with her talents at entertaining, Heather knew that friends would be motivated to contribute towards a meaningful donation for OUTLine.

OUTLine was delighted with Heather’s idea. While Heather wanted be certain OUTLine knew of and supported her idea in principle, she took on all the work to make her idea a reality.

Heather invited guests, and in the process raised their awareness of OUTLine’s work. On the evening of the Pride Parade (Saturday 25 February 2017) Heather moved things up a few notches, entertaining graciously from her home on the parade route… and fundraising generously for OUTLine with a beautifully rainbow  hand-decorated donation box. Heather even followed up each donation with a personal note of thanks.

On Thursday 2 March 2017 Heather visited OUTLine, where she gave Trevor a $560 donation to OUTLine’s work.

Heather’s idea is a fantastic example of transforming the joyful celebration of Pride into practical support for LGBTIQ+ people in need. Heather showed initiative, skill, organisational ability. The money Heather raised goes directly to keeping 0800 OUTLINE going. Heather’s local community knowledge and contacts have gone directly to raising OUTLine’s profile in our neighbourhood.

OUTLine needs as many people like Heather as we can get… but we’ll only have one Heather Fisher, and we are very proud of her.

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