This confidential service has been provided to NZ by the LGBTI+ community since 1972.
Call us on 0800 688 5463

We’re here every evening! 6pm-9pm!

Answered by trained volunteers from the LGBTIQ+ community, leave a message if we can’t answer and we can call you back.

Our volunteers welcome your call to discuss topics around sexual orientation, gender identity and diverse sex characteristics. They can help you find sources of trusted information, connection to community or peers, and medical or mental health services that welcome LGBTIQA+/Rainbow people.

All calls and callers are confidential and anonymous.

Calls are welcomed from LGBTIQA+/Rainbow people, friends and whānau, or professionals who care for them.

We also offer face-to-face counselling services by qualified counsellors in Auckland, or via Skype. There is a cost to this service, but we can support you to apply to WINZ for these costs.

OUTLine knows that many people want to reach out and talk about a variety of topics. To be clear in our specialty, we are focusing on the core issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and diverse sex characteristics. If you need to talk, OUTLine strongly encourages you do so: isolation and loneliness can become dangerous. Please check this list of services that may better meet your needs.