When a chat on the phone isn’t enough…

OUTLine offers specialist face-to-face counselling with experienced professionally qualified counsellors.

Our clients come from the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities, or their families and also anyone questioning sexual orientation or gender. We are specialist in gender identity and sexuality issues, but have the skills and training to work effectively with you on most life issues. We can work collaboratively with other agencies to achieve your goals.

OUTLine works with most clients for a 6-week focussed therapeutic process, following an initial assessment. You and your counsellor agree a plan of issues to address in sessions, as well as work out a cost you can afford. OUTLine assists you to complete applications for Work and Income funding, where applicable.

OUTLine’s face-to-face counselling is professional and  ethically sound. Our counsellors follow best practice in clinical supervision and ongoing upskilling. Our Mission is to offer a very professional face-to-face counselling service for individuals and couples from the Rainbow community, whilst being respectful of Tikanga Māori and adhering to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

How to get counselling?

Counselling clients come to our Central Auckland or Central Wellington counselling safe-space for face-to-face sessions with our skilled counsellors. If you live too far from those places, talk to us about Skype counselling.

To find out more, fill in the referral form or ring us free on 0800 OUTLINE.


Due to being community based, there are minimal charges to visit our qualified counsellors, ranging from $60-$100 depending on your financial situation, but please talk to us about your situation. Work and Income (WINZ) may help fund these sessions, and existing Work and Income clients should see if the Disability Certificate will meet counselling costs.