LGBTIQ+ are wonderfully generous.  We have worked hard against marginalisation. We continue to struggle for acceptance and equality in law and social.

Many times LGBTIQ+ people have had to rely on one another when our own birth family and our friends have rejected us.  Many self-accepting LGBTIQ+ people have clear memories of their own coming out – and the courage it took to be honest and be rejected by loved ones. Many of us want to make that journey easier for anyone coming out or transitioning.

Why volunteer?

  • To help LGBTIQ+ people, and parents of LGBTIQ+ people, and professionals who want to know more about our communities.
  • To make the community increasingly safe, healthy and welcoming of diversity
  • To learn new skills and experiences.
  • To give to and receive from OUTLine’s collective specialist understanding of issues affecting LGBTIQ+ people
  • To understand more about the diversity that makes gender identity, sex identity and sexual orientation truly wonderful
  • To enhance your vocational skills by being able to model the skills you learn with OUTLine
  • To stay in touch with LGBTIQ+ news and events
  • To make new friends
  • To have conversations or discussions that will test and invigorate your sense of identity.

How to become an OUTLine volunteer?

While you need to identify as a member of the LGBTIQ+ communities to train as an OUTLine phone counsellor, not everyone makes their important contribution to OUTLine’s work by taking calls. Some people want to give in other ways, and like most charities, OUTLine has a HUGE amount of behind-the-scenes tasks that are vital to our work.

Most of what OUTLine does is located in our office in central Auckland. If you can’t get to Auckland, there are ways you may wish to help from wherever you are. OUTLine is very careful to manage the safety of phone counsellors and our callers, so all calls are handled through our Auckland office.

If you are ready to make a help make diversity a kiwi community asset, the first step is to contact us with your details and we will get in touch with you.

Call 0800 OUTLINE (0800 688 5463) or email [email protected]

Phone Counsellor Training

Have a read through our phone counselling page to get dates and the time commitment we ask phone counsellors to make. OUTLine meets the training costs for phone counsellors by fundraising… but the cost to OUTLine is significant, so while we truly love getting new people involved in our work, we ask you to think your commitment through before confirming a place in our training course.


And an obvious way to support us

OUTLine has no external contracts, no accumulated assets, and spends its limited resources directly for our purpose: to be there for anyone experiencing isolation or grief, and so to give hope, and with hope, to save lives.

If you have the means to

  • make a donation to OUTLine
  • or if you are thinking of making a gift to the LGBTI+ communities that will go directly to frontline work
  • or if you want a gift in your will to show your enduring care for LGBTIQ+ people
  • or if you want to try a simple way to do your own OUTLine fundraising amongst friends, family or social media…

read more about the options to support OUTLine and then contact us either so we can send you a tax-deduction receipt for a donation you’ve made, or help you with options to put your resources to good use in the future.

There is no better time than NOW to get involved. And if you’re interested enough about OUTLine to have read this far, spread the word about us to your contact networks.