Confidential and self-affirming LGBTIQ+ telephone support and face-to-face counselling.

Call us on 0800 OUTLINE (688 5463)

This confidential service has been provided to NZ by the LGBTI+ community since 1972.
Call us on 0800 688 5463

10am to 9pm weekdays, 6pm – 9pm weekends

answered by volunteers, leave a message if we can’t answer and we can call you back

We offer New Zealand’s only nationwide specialist 0800 telephone support and counselling service for gender identity and sexual orientation issues.

We are committed to high principles of counseling professional services including commitment to confidentiality and anonymity.

OUTLine specializes in issues that are not heterosexual, not cisgender and not assigned sex. If you are questioning issues about gender identity or sexual orientation, you can with a trained LGBTI+ volunteer who understands something of what you are questioning. You may be asking for yourself, your whanau or someone for whom you care professionally.

We also offer face-to-face counselling by qualified counsellors in Auckland or Wellington or by Skype.

OUTLine knows that many people want to reach out and talk, even though the issue is not a question about gender identity or sexual orientation. To be clear in our specialty, we are focusing on these core issues. If you need to talk, OUTLine strongly encourages that: isolation and loneliness can become dangerous. Please check this list of services that may better meet your needs.